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#Miraculous #Coconut Oil by # Dhaham


#Miraculous #Coconuts Oil  by # Dhaham - A SUPER FOOD INDEED for beauty from INSIDE-

#Dhaham coconut oil is a living oil a superfood for generations
#Dhaham coconut oil is a living oil a superfood for generations
personally my family could not live without coconuts. from morning till night every meal ,snack had some coconuts. hair had only coconut oil.They lived over 100 years with no western medications. wiry, slim highly energetic till the last day Teeth never saw a dentist. What more can any ask from food.Whatever the wild west laboratory test (in the absence of 5000+++ years of  proven life style)say dhaham coconut oils has proven beyond any doubt by the obvious evidence of generations who lived healthily  with coconut oil.In Sri Lanka,India, Philippines etc it is household food for over 3000 years.Does anyone need laboratory test??Yes only when a 5000+++ years of culture doesn't exist.In Asia  we have a living Laboratory  - not a dead lab with meters tubes etc solvents etc etc .Nothing is living- all dead -

Miraculous Coconut oil - by #Dhaham - A SUPER FOOD INDEED
Acquire flexibility like #Dhaham oil,shine like#Dhaham oil,supple like #Dhaham oil wiry like #Dhahamoil- #Dhaham coconut oils 100 from nature, rain,sunshine with no further processing.

#Miraculous coconuts OF Sri Lanka .It is by #Dhaham it is indeed a super superfood
By experience of our generation ( fiery wiry grand mother lived up to 105 before dropping dead after 2 km walk ,climbing under hot sun in Kegall district our rubber estate.)She lived be fresh Tuna fish by the  nearby sea she lived Beautiful Kalutara plenty of coconuts in the form of pol sambal,
coconut oil, all all its derivatives. Never changed by the on onslaught of alien propaganda - coconut oil is bad.
CURRENT GENERATION  AFTER 150 YEARS A REAL LIVING TESTIMONY  no heart ailments. with extended usage as a first class mouthwash ( kills all harmful microbes in the mouth, stop gum receding ,gum friendly ,promote gum growth etc ) and in-fact as a heart friendly oil.
Even good for a glowing skin. the oil we us is DAHAM COCONUT OIL.
WHY DAHAM it s from the village coconuts no fanciful further preparation ,extracted by the traditional methods that retain natural aroma of the oil by product are fed to cows to give us fine organic milk, then curd too derivatives are call PU-S -GO-RASA (FIVE(5) TASTE(rasa)OF COW(go)-DAILY  PRODUCTS)
The fashion of virgin coconut oils is only a fashion there was no such thing during my granny's period then why now? Man can't just wait .they fix when nothing is wrong, after whole thing get complicated for years of livelihood by selling solution for complications they themselves have created.-always want something complicated  Stupidity is in momentum in the name of science. NO SCIENCE HAS INVENTED ANY BETTER FOOD THAN WHAT THE NATURE HAS CREATED OR LIVING.NOR WILL SCIENCE EVER CREATE ANY BETTER THAN WHAT THE SUN RAIN SOIL has GIVEN US
In Asia a  living testimony-current generation- Asian fertile blessed with spirits  WITH  that drive anything can do -spirit
motto that drives we The third generation with scientific
background firmly believe man has not made nor will ever make anything edible better than what our pure unpolluted nature has given us. Hence we @Damaru did care, not to touch the oil for further modifications in the name of many modern words.(man is in the moon, but will never understand nor explain how grass eating cow generate so must protein fats, calciums  even cholesterol (we damaru-do not believe)etc etc etc )after extraction but bottled as quickly as possible Nothing more done nor ,started with tender coconuts or process without heating  etc --and say virgin-that IS not natural it is like premature birth -child something very essential is missing !
Bottled under 100% hygienic conditions. Yet shelf life remain poor not more than one year DAHAM COCONUT OIL RETAIN 100% OF WHAT THE NATURE HAS GIVEN US THE MAN TO LIVE HEALTHY.
Laboratory test results are far from truth. There is huge difference in dead and in living though analytically they may be the same in laboratory
more amazing benefits.OF #DAHAM COCONUT OIL
Coconut Oil Contains Fatty Acids With Powerful Medicinal Properties
Populations That Eat a Lot of Coconut Oil Are Healthy my granny and her entourage living in the southern coast of Sri lanka never experienced any health problems all their lives. They have never been to westerns doctors. Never bed ridden,lived to over 90 years DID their work until the last breath.They were all slim wiry (pls come back to see the images of our past generation WHO lived over 100 - we are digging)
amazingly Coconut Oil Can Help You Burn More Fat
Coconut Oil Can Kill Harmful Micro-organisms- (I have experienced several bleeding injuries  from stone that we throw to pluck mangoes etc from trees nearby on my head as a playful child all what we did was to apply some  heated coconut oil- presto within weeks i am ok no injection no medicine men etc )
Coconut Oil Can Reduce Your Hunger, Helping You Eat Less
Coconut Oil Can Improve Blood Cholesterol Levels, improve circulation considerably as evidenced by my blood pressure reduction
Form 160- 90  to 120- 70. With a year of 4 spoons of #DAHAM COCONUT OIL
yes  yes
Coconut Oil Can Protect Hair Against Damage, Moisturize Skin and Function as Sunscreen
The Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Can Boost Brain Function in Alzheimer’s Patients
Coconut Oil Can Help You Lose Fat, Especially The Harmful Abdominal Fat
skin and hair enhances natural healthy shine

a moisturizer,  to soothe sunburns.   shower gel or shaving cream.
makeup remover it can help remove heavy foundation
tame eyebrows to shape
for teeth and gums
Oil pulling is swishing with coconut for 20-30 mins retain in the mouth
as a deep conditioning treatment, for an hour, or even overnight, smoothing broken ends and hydrating dry hair.

there are much more amazing benefits -remember the oil is natural coconut oil made in the natural way and not the fancy stuff that talk about virginity. There were no such oil 100 years ago then why now ?

GET BACK TO NATURE DO NOT COMPLICATE  LIFE WE NEVER WILL KNOW THE REAL THING WITH ALL NEW FOOD STUFF-.FORGET VIRGIN   STUFF THEY ARE NEW-any thing virgin is immature does not contain the real stuff maturity offer .It is only a new  fashionable word in  a new world filled with new words with less natural nutrition.
make yourself naturally beautiful FROM INSIDE   with -NATURAL -DAHAM coconut oil

premium #Miraculous #Coconut Oil  by  # Dhaham

#dhaham coconut oil

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